Things to see and do


Glacier walks and Ice cave tours 

Glacier Walk on Breiðamerkurjökull

Departures directly from our reception. Experienced, local guides from Glacier Adventure offer trips all year around. Glacier Adventure is owned by 2 families with great knowledge of this area. Join them for a thrilling experience walking on the Vatnajökull glacier. They offer amazing Ice Cave tours from 1st of Nov -31st of March. Departures every day when weather conditions allow safe entrance to the ice caves. Click here for further information and bookings.


Snowmobile tours Super Jeeps drive you high up on Vatnajökull glacier,  where you get geared up and out for an adventure on snowmobiles. Departures only 20 min drive from Hali Country Hotel. More information here

Puffin tours Take a guided, historic tour out to Ingolfshöfði nature reserve where the first Nordic settler Ingólfur Árnason is said to first have arrived in Iceland. Here you can see where the puffins are nesting. More information here

Horse rentals There are 3 horse rentals within an hour’s drive from Hali Country Hotel. The companies offer tours for riders with different level of experience. You will be surrounded by this beautiful nature in South East Iceland, glaciers, mountains and the Atlantic Ocean!  Glacier Horses  Arnarnes horse rental  Horse rental in Lækjarhús ph (+354) 8666242 or e-mail 

Farm zoo Why not make a stop on the farm in Holmur, right between Hali and town Höfn. There you can see many of the most common farm animals we have in Iceland. Icelandic horses, cows, sheep, goats, several breeds of rabbits, goose, hens, and more. Especially nice in the spring when there are little baby goats, lambs and ducklings born.

There is much more to see and do in south east of Iceland! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for anything special. In our reception, we can provide you with a map of Vatnajökull region and information about interesting places off the beaten track and other activities not listed here. We can assist you to book activities. Yet, you might want to contact companies on your own before arrival to be sure they are not fully booked.


Places of interest

Jökulsárlón, Glacier Lagoon

Glacier Lagoon

Jökulsárlón – Glacier Lagoon


Jökulsárlón Glacier lagoon is only 12 km from Hali Country Hotel. Here you will see large ice bergs float out to the Atlantic Ocean and ice bergs stranded on the black sand beach. If you are lucky, the seals will be sun bading on some ice berg or swim in the lagoon curiously watching you. Boat tours available and can be booked on site.



Fjallsárlón, Glacier Lagoon

Fjallsárlón glacier lagoon

Fjallsárlón  – Glacier Lagoon







Few minutes west of Jökulsárlón, Glacier Lagoon, is a smaller lagoon with ice bergs. You need to turn of road nb 1 for a few minutes drive on gravel road. The views are totally different here when you are closer to the glacier and mountains. Well worth a visit. Boat tours available


Skaftafell National Park

Svartifoss waterfall in Skaftafell National Park

Svartifoss waterfall in Skaftafell


Just about 50 min drive from Hali is the visitor information center in Skaftafell. Here you can take shorter or longer walks on your own or book guided activities. The 1 hour walk to Svartifoss waterfall is very popular. Click here for further information.










photos by Ladislav Skala