Hali Country Hotel is located, on the farm Hali in the South East of Iceland. We offer inexpensive, comfortable and cosy accommodation, a historical museum and a fully licensed restaurant serving primarily local food. Currently there are 35 cows and 120 sheep on the farm. There can also be found an extensive aquaculture, foremost with the farming of arctic char. The arctic char belongs to the Salmonidae family and is closely related to both salmon and trout.  It is a cold-water fish and lives wild only in the northern countries.

The museum, Þórbergssetur, bears witness of how people lived through the centuries in the countryside of Suðursveit and on the farm Hali. Since 1860, the farm has been owned by the same family. Fjölnir Torfason and his brother Steinþór Torfasson is now the fifth generation living on the farm with their families. The stories of the people that lived for centuries on the farm still remain in the books of one of Iceland’s most famous authors, Þórbergur Þórðarson (1888 – 1974), who was born on Hali, and in the stories of Steinþór Þórðarson (1892 – 1981), his brother, who lived on Hali his whole life. The knowledge of the magnificent surroundings, the weather, the sea, the glaciers and the wonders of the wild nature remain with the people of Suðursveit. We want to preserve this knowledge and pass it on to next generations.

Þorbjörg Arnórsdóttir the curator of the museum was a teacher and headmistress of a small school in the area. Now the school has been shut down and Þorbjörg puts all her effort into the development of the cultural heritage center. Hali Country Hotel offers a fully licensed restaurant with a variety of local food, home baked cakes and more. You will have the opportunity of tasting farm-raised Arctic char, gourmet Icelandic lamb and traditional lamb meat soup with home baked bread.

By visiting Hali, you will not only get to know the Icelandic countryside, but also have the opportunity to experience the friendly atmosphere and personal service offered by everyone at Hali. We are open all year around.

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