Í Þórbergssetri er boðið upp á þjóðlegar veitingar

Dinner menu


  • Soup of the 1.500 ISK

    day served with home baked bread and butter

  • Soup of the day (served in main course size) 2.100 ISK

    day served with home baked bread and butter​

  • Smoked Arctic Char 1.850 ISK

    served with homemade bread, egg, salad and sauce

Main courses

Fish & sea food

  • Arctic Char 3.900 ISK

    steamd Char served with potato, salad and garlic sauce

  • Arctic Char with Mango Chutney 4.100 ISK

    steamd char with mango chutney, almonds, salad and wholemeal barley

  • Plokkfiskur - Icelandic traditional fish stew 4.100 ISK

    served with salad, brown bread and sauce


  • Meat balls 3.500 ISK

    seved with potatos, red cabbage, served with gravy and hommade rubarb jam

  • Grilled lamb patties 3.800 ISK

    served with fried onion, egg, grilled potatos and salad

  • Lam schnitzel 3.800 ISK

    served with grilled potatos, salad and Béarnaise sauce

  • Grilled lamb from the farm Hali 3.800 ISK

    served with potatos au gratin, gravy, vegetables and homemade rhubarb jam

Vegetarian meals

  • Vegetarian dish of the house 3.200 ISK

    served with salad, potatoes and homemade bread

  • Salad 1.550 ISK

    served with feta cheese, olives and toas bread


  • Traditional Icelandic Skyr 1.500 ISK

    served with whipped cream

  • Cake of the day 1.500 ISK

    served with ice cream and whipped cream

  • Hot Chocolate „Lava“ Cake 1.750 ISK

    served with ice cream and whipped cream

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