Í Þórbergssetri er boðið upp á þjóðlegar veitingar

Dinner menu


  • Seafood soup 3.200 ISK

    With shrimps, char, cod and lemon Freshly baked bread and butter

  • Our Icelandic lambsoup 2.200 ISK

    The authors favorite

  • Soup of the day 1.950 ISK

    Ask the waiter. Freshly baked bread and butter

  • Smoked char tartar 2.390 ISK

    Served on a fresh salad with truffle oil and capers

  • Lamb carpaccio 2.690 ISK

    With mint oil, nuts and Icelandic cheese Feykir

  • Bread basket 990 ISK

    With Icelandic butter

Main courses


  • Icelandic fish stew 4.200ISK

    "Au gratin" served with sweet rye bread

  • Mango char 4.800 ISK

    Served with potatoes, rosted cashew and cold citrus sauce

  • Panfried cod 4.500 ISK

    Seasoned in herbs, pistachio, orange and parmesan, seved with potatoes and vegetable

  • Arctic char 4.800 ISK

    seasoned with lemon pepper, steamed in whitewine and butter and served with potatoes, salad and warm lemmon butter sauce


  • Pork schnitzel 5.200 ISK

    Our farmer‘s favorite served with potatoes, vegetable, homemade red cabbage and bernaise sauce

  • Meat balls 4.200 ISK

    Served with potatoes, vegetable, homemade red cabbage, onion sauce and rhubarb jam

  • Grilled lamb 6.200 ISK

    Served with potatoes, gravy, vegetable and rhubarb jam

  • Lemon chicken 5.200 ISK

    Coated in parmesan, served with potatoes and whitewine lemon butter sauce


  • Green salad 2.990 ISK

    Fresh bread and butter

  • Vegetable patties 3.900 ISK

    Served with hummus, salad and sesam dressing

  • Potatoes ann bean patties 3.900 ISK

    Served with hummus and sesame dressing


  • Ice cream 1.790 ISK

    Two flavours of ice cream with nougat popcorn and honey roasted oats

  • Lime Skyr Cheese cake 1.990 ISK

    With sweet citrus cream and small iceberg

  • Lava Cake 2.100 ISK

    served with ice cream and cream